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DSLR Camera Explained

( 08-05-2017 )

Light is the most fundamental element in photography. Technically speaking, it is the only element we need to take care, when using a DSLR Camera. So, it is crucial to understand, how we are going to save the amount of light needed to produce a great looking photo. So, lets examine, How much control a DSLR Camera offers us to reproduce the "Creative - Reality" we do experience in our daily life.

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My - Cannon 550D

Keywords : DSLR Camera, Light, Camera Lens, Exposure, Aperture, Shutter-Speed, ISO

Celestron Nexstar SLT - Type : Maksutov-Cassegrain ( Reflector )

( 20-10-2016 )

Recently, I got the chance to visit a “Stars and Planets Observatory” located in Darmstadt, Germany. So, this has provoked my interest for Space and the Universe. So, in order to watch or observe and try to understand the news coming from NASA, ESA and from the ESOC. I started to look for an amateur (starters) telescope. After a quick search I found a “Reflector Maksutov Telescope”. Which is basically compact in design and a powerful Telescope for starters.

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Celestron STL-127 - telescope

Keywords : Telescope, Reflector Telescope, Maksutov-Cassegrain, Eye-piece, Barlow lens, SLT ( Star Locating Telescope )

Electronics Basics

( 11-10-2016 )

As we know that If we have a magnate. It will stand still in "North" and "South" direction. And it will have a magnetic field. Which is stronger on the magnets poles. As we also know that if we put two magnates together they will attract each other or repel each other. As a fundamental law of Magnetism.

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Keywords : Electronics, Multimeter, Electronics Components, Magnetism, Motors, Battery

Lens Basics

( 11-10-2016 )

Lenses are one of the most crucial and complex state of the art Science. From a eyesight glasses to a camera or microscope to a Hubble telescope. Their use is everywhere. Understanding lenses requires the study of optics and its applications known as lenses.

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Lens Types

Keywords : Lens Types, Understanding of Lens