My 1st Telescope

by Waqar Ul Hasan - ( 20-10-2016 )

Celestron Nexstar SLT -- Type : Maksutov -- Build : Cassegrain ( Reflector )

Recently, I got the chance to visit a “Stars and Planets Observatory” located in Darmstadt, Germany. So, this has provoked my interest for Space and the Universe. So, in order to watch or observe and try to understand the news coming from NASA, ESA and from the ESOC. I started to look for an amateur (starters) telescope. After a quick search I found a “Reflector Maksutov Telescope”. Which is basically compact in design and a powerful Telescope for starters.

So, the telescope I have chosen, has the SLT (star locating) feature. It has an automatic sky-align functionality with GPS. Plus it is very compact in design and quite powerful. It came with 2 Eyepieces (24mm and 6mm fixed-lenses). After a few observations I have attached an old Logitech webcam directly with the eye piece and then with my surface-tablet for “Eyes-Free” live viewing. This kind of experiment is ok but not as cool as viewing directly with the eye because of the resolution and image quality with webcam is not so good.

Celestron STL-127 - telescope

Apart from that I have attached my Canon EOS 550D. Without any Lens or Eyepiece first and then with 2x and 5x Barlow lens. By doing so I got the ability to capture Hi-Resolution images with good looking photos. This kind of quality is acceptable and the images taken with a proper camera like 550D can then deliver enough detail.... But problem is still there.... Observing with my own eyes images are more sharp and well defined. On the other hand eyes get tired and can't save or help to remember the image as taken with the camera. So its kind of a trade off.

Since I am a 3D Designer and previously I thought these space agencies are doing good job by using 3d graphics to show us Mars, Moon and other planets ;D or even the deep-space objects. but after looking with my own eyes; I agreed that images are real ;) . Yes the Moon is way to detailed and bright. The Mars and Jupiter are also the way we see on TV. :) … Following are some of the images I have taken time to time.

keywords : Telescope, Reflector Telescope, Maksutov-Cassegrain, Eye-piece, Barlow lens, SLT ( Star Locating Telescope )